Our Amenities

We are always looking for new ways to make our members lives easier. From taking the guesswork out of incidentals to fresh coffee everyday, let us know how we can help!




Make Life Easer

Supporting your business needs.

High-Speed Internet

We provide top-tier, high speed wireless internet for all our members (gigabit service available as needed). All members also have access to ethernet connections to avoid any vagaries of wireless service. This service is provided by CAT6 wiring with fiber optic sourcing.

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Join us in our fully developed ‘kitchen’ gathering space, complete with ample cold storage for your daily food, or other provisions. We have microwaves, sinks, fridges, mugs and assorted necessities for all your needs.

Conference Rooms

Our four (4) conference rooms are available for both internal member use and third-party rentals. Please call to inquire!

24/7 Accesss

Phase Two is a 24/7 access facility for members.  Staff is on site Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm, unless otherwise noted.


We have a single shower facility for those you may need the service during the day. If you’re a runner or working an ‘all nighter’, bring along your towel and shower up. BTW: all your neighbors will thank you!


Need more space for your personal belongings to go along with your Hot Desk membership? We have add-on lockers of various sizes to hold your possessions and equipment, or just to store items you want nearby.


We offer on-site, adjacent, and reserved parking as an option for members. Our convenient lot ensures you won't have to walk far to get to the space, unless you want to!

Private Phone Booths

Need to take a call? We have private phone booths to help accommodate your needs. Sound proof and cozy, many members like to work in these as well.

Dog Friendly

We allow (and encourage) our members to bring their four-legged lil’ ones to work. No need for a day kennel. Hike the Baldwin Hills lookout for a lunch time workout.

Self-Serve Coffee & Teas

We feature our local coffee services and offer an assortment of teas for all tastes.

Bike Racks

We are firm supporters of carbon reduction strategies. We have multiple bike racks around the space to secure your bike or alternative mode of transportation.

Conferencing System

We have a high-end Mercury conferencing system to assist those having remote meetings.

High-End Projector

During events our projector and large screen is used to give presentations and screen showings of up and coming projects.


We are your business office address and host all mail and courier deliveries on your behalf.

Flexible Event Space

Home to our hot desk members during the day, this space easily converts to a dynamic event space for evenings and weekends. We can accommodate meetups, presentations, high-definition film screenings and a multitude of events.

Green Screen Studio

A 1,000 square foot green room capable of handling a variety of demands such as room scale VR/AR, immersive technology shoots, digital, film and television production, music videos and more.

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