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Phase Two Team
March 20, 2023

Need a change of scenery? Look no further!

Our awesome list of remote work locations offers the opportunity for you to explore different environments while still getting your job done. Working from places other than home is simple and fun -  more and more businesses are adopting hybrid work strategies and slowly integrating and onboarding "digital nomad culture."  So why not take advantage and find yourself an inspiring new workspace today?

Working remotely doesn't have to mean being stuck in one spot! Our list of awesome remote work locations shows how many exciting, inspiring places are available for you to plug in and get the job done. From traditional spots like libraries or coffee shops, all the way up through cozy home offices - there's a perfect location waiting just around the corner.

So make sure to break out that laptop once in a while; virtual software makes it easy for us to live our best (remote) lives by experiencing new settings as we do great work!

This list includes these places to work remotely:

  • Local community spaces
  • Public places
  • Work-from-home alternatives
  • Paid remote workspaces
  • Classic Digital Nomad haunts

The remote working locations list:

If you need some ideas for workspaces to be more creative and productive, here is our list of cool places to try and work remotely.


Starting off our list, libraries are an absolute classic place to work!  Need to stay productive, but also want some zen? Look no further than your local library.  Well-lit, quiet spaces are ideal for working on the go and hunkering down. Set up shop in a study cubicle or reading nook– plus many libraries even have meeting rooms and multipurpose areas if you need to collaborate with others. Best of all, most libraries offer free Wi-Fi, as well as power outlets, so your devices won't run outta juice while getting stuff done.

Pro Tip: When internet searches just don’t cut it - hit up the librarian's vast knowledge reservoir - perfect research assistance right at your fingertips!

Coffee Shops

Have you been feeling under-caffeinated while working from home? Join the remote workers who've discovered energy, espresso and a change of scenery are often all it takes to boost productivity! Many remote workers gravitate to the hustle and bustle of local coffee shops as their ideal remote workspace. With energizing vibes, delicious drinks at your fingertips, plus plenty of room to set up shop - what's not to love? But before you decide this is THE place for all video warned! The occasional cacophony may require earbuds when it gets too loud. So why not use that space as a creative nest where busy work can be done undisturbed while enjoying the atmosphere!

Pro Tip: Wait 45 mins to drink your first bit of caffeine after waking up and pair down the coffee and switch to tea in the afternoon. It can keep you from crashing!

Rented Offices

A rented office is the perfect solution for those times when your job requires you to collaborate with colleagues.  You can arrange the area however it works best for your needs, and often hybrid office employers will cover the cost, or there may be tax deductions available if you own a business. Plus, having an alternative workspace from home sets up that professional vibe so clients are sure to take notice of how seriously you take their project or business.  Making this change could just be what boosts productivity in 2023 and beyond!

Pro Tip: Phase Two offers personal offices and dedicated desks for those in need of a more professional and private location to work.


Trade your home office for a poolside paradise! Just bring along all you need to stay focused - laptop, music and snacks. Plus don't forget the giant deck umbrella for shade when it gets hot. With an outdoor remote work setting like this one, it's easy to be less anxious. Just don't get in trouble with work by appearing too relaxed during that Zoom Meeting!

Pro Tip: You might also want to invest in a laptop screen shade to keep the sun at bay. Also, maybe activate the background replacement feature so people think you aren't having TOO much fun!


Exchange your cubicle for the great outdoors! Whether it's a sunny day or you're looking to add fresh air and sunshine into your workday, parks and green spaces can be fantastic outdoor workspaces. Look out for sites with shades- they offer covered areas perfect as temporary offices while staying connected via smartphone Wi-Fi coverage. If project deadlines allow it, why not make use of this scenic environment by working on tasks that don't require internet access? Time to get offline – literally!

Pro Tip: Buy a wireless hotspot from your local phone store for even more consistent internet coverage. Or hot spot from your mobile phone's cellular service.

The Beach

Working on the beach may seem like a pipe dream, but it's actually possible.  With your umbrella for some shade and sand at your feet, you can have that essential balance of work and relaxation. Just be careful not to let any sea creatures take up residence in your laptop - there are too many distractions already with all this fabulous scenery!

Pro tip: Protect your technology with waterproof coverings or avoid the hazards and work on a bench near a walkway.

Public Courtyards

Working from home can be isolating, which is why downtown public courtyards provide a great chance to take care of business and explore your local surroundings. Enjoy the convenience of nearby resources like municipal offices, post offices, libraries - all while setting up shop at handy benches or tables!

Pro tip: Pick a new area to explore that neighbors local restaurants and shops. You can take advantage of grabbing coffee breaks with delicious treats amongst new sights that you may not have seen before.

Book Stores

If you're looking for the perfect place to set up a remote workstation, look no further than your local bookstore! With its low foot traffic during daytime hours and cozy corners with free Wi-Fi access (not to mention snacks from an onsite cafe or bakery!), it's sure to provide all the amenities needed for remote work. Plus - what better way is there of researching those tricky topics at hand? You'll be surrounded by plenty of books that could hold just the key piece of information vital in getting any job done right. Bookstores are truly ideal hidden gems when remote working!

Pro Tip: Make a list of books you want. Knowledge is power you know!

Museums and Galleries

Looking for a fresh, engaging remote workspace that allows you to take breaks and indulge in art? Consider checking out what your local museum or art gallery has to offer! With most establishments being happy to have remote workers as guests throughout the week, it's an opportunity too good not to pass up. You don't even need prior knowledge of works - there may be something on display that ends up becoming one of your favorite pieces! If paid admission is required, many museums & galleries provide an annual subscription option with free entrance days available; so why not work from somewhere inspiring?!

Pro Tip: If you want to go the free route, many museums have gardens and benches outside or even their own cafes for guests! Also, here is a list of the top 100 museums in the U.S.

Coworking spaces

One of our personal favorite places to remote work - obviously we are a bit biased, is at coworking spaces. A coworking space is often a blend of flexible open-plan hot desk spaces and private offices where you and hybrid team members can set up shop and be more productive. Like the gym, many coworking locations offer memberships at approachable rates and many work-related amenities to help ease the expenses of daily work routines. And if it's anything like ours, they usually have free coffee and high-speed internet ready and waiting for you.

Pro Tip: Come join us for a tour at Phase Two in Culver City, CA and get a free trial day! It's like working from home, but with your pants on.

In summary:

Remote work is truly a remarkable experience – you can explore new environments and cultures, craft your perfect workplace setup or just stay in your pajamas at home. The flexibility that comes with remote work gives us the freedom to live our lives while still getting our important tasks done. So take the opportunity and discover what works for you—whether it's a traditional setting like a library or something more exotic like Thailand.

With beloved businesses embracing hybrid strategies, remote work has become the norm for many of us. So why not embrace this new way of life with an open heart? Remember to always enjoy yourself as you move around the world and find yourself an inspiring new workspace today.  Plus, if you're already sold on taking advantage of shared workspaces, why not check out what Phase Two has to offer? We know once you take a look, you'll surely be tempted to become a member!

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