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March 20, 2023

If you're an employee, business owner, entrepreneur, startup or professional - chances are you've been working in some sort of workspace for a portion (or all!) of your career. But how much do you really know about the different types of workspaces out there? From traditional office cubicles to open-spaced co-working hubs to flex and agile spaces and everything in between - there is no one size fits all when it comes to organizing a productive workplace! In this blog post we'll explore the different types of workspaces available, their benefits, and any potential drawbacks. We will also provide advice on how to choose which type is best suited for your individual needs.

So let's get started!

Home and Public

Home Workspaces

The world has been playing a game of "Pandemic Hide-and-Seek," turning our living spaces into professional havens. From modest laptops perched on kitchen counters to mega home offices fit for a CEO, we've discovered there's no one-size-fits-all approach to remote work nirvana. Working from home is more commonplace than ever due to the recent years of lockdowns. Ah, the joys of pandemic life - a time when pajamas turned into work attire, and our homes became office spaces overnight. With this sudden switch to working remotely, we've seen a fascinating range of at-home office setups. Just remember to take time for yourself, socialize, exercise, and get away from the computer- it's good for you!

Mobile Workspaces / Pop-up offices

Unleash your inner digital nomad and conquer the world of work from any and every location!  Mobile workstations will have you grinning from ear to ear as you cater to all those in-person client needs with flair – even if you're off gallivanting in some far-flung destination. Get ready to work, travel, and dazzle with absolute professionalism and style!

Virtual Workspace

The virtual workspace is designed for businesses that have employees who work remotely and need to remain productive or fulfill certain business tasks. This type of workspace includes all of the necessary tools and technologies that employees need to work effectively from anywhere in the world. For example, the virtual workspace may include video conferencing capabilities, online collaboration tools, and cloud-based storage solutions.  While virtual workspace is more of an accouterment to one of the other workspace types, it still needs a mention as certain jobs require the use of and time spent in such a space.

The "third space" a.k.a. the Out in Public Workspace

Looking for a fresh alternative to your mundane at-home office? Dive into our top 10 magical public spots where freelancers can transform their workday! You'll be feeling like a business-savvy genie in no time. There is a wide range of possibilities such as cafés, libraries, and other public places that offer an informal workspace for freelancers. See our top 10 places to remote work for some ideas.

Contemporary Workspace Types & Designs

Contemporary workspace designs all take a specific conceptual direction and build space function around that. What someone does for work, what tools they need, and whom they work with or near are all factors that can impact the design of an office or workspace. With the rapid rise in recent years of coworking, flex, and other workspace denominations, it's very clear that businesses are thinking hard about what to do with their workplace strategies. Below are a few of the conceptual workspaces that exist today and what they focus on.

Agile Workspace

Transforming your workplace into an agile haven can boost employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. By embracing agile design principles, your business can cultivate a motivated and dynamic workforce eager to deliver exceptional results. Explore essential factors for modernizing your office environment and usher in a new era of success.

Flexible Workspace

The flexible workspace is designed to be just that – flexible. This type of workspace can be easily reconfigured to accommodate the changing needs of the business and its employees. For example, a company may add or remove private offices, meeting rooms, or break rooms based on the needs of the business at any given time.

Coworking Workspace

Coworking spaces are where professionals from various industries unite under one roof to capitalize on shared office spaces. This ingenious approach not only reduces costs by consolidating resources and amenities like utilities, coffee/tea, and conference room services, but also addresses the needs of digital nomads, remote employees, and frequent travelers. By fostering a welcoming and interactive environment, coworking alleviates the sense of social isolation that may arise from remote working and keeps distractions at bay for optimum productivity.

Smart Office Workspace

The evolution of the modern workplace has been nothing short of extraordinary, primarily driven by technological advancements. As office equipment and tools become increasingly intelligent, we find ourselves on the cusp of a significant transformation - the emergence of the smart office. Nowadays, companies find themselves at a crossroads, striving to adapt to the needs of a younger, more dynamic workforce while balancing the demands of an increasingly fast-paced work environment.

Collaborative Workspace

The power of collaborative workspaces is that they focus on dynamic office environments where diverse professionals unite to pursue shared objectives. Unlock productivity-enhancing advantages like networking beyond your niche, while streamlining your work process in these innovative spaces.

Modern Workspaces

The modern workspace is designed to be a more open and collaborative space that encourages creativity and innovation. Gone are the days of the traditional cubicle farm, where employees are isolated from one another. Instead, today’s offices feature a variety of different work areas, including open-plan desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and break rooms. Closest to classical forms of the office, get a brief history of office spaces here.

Creative Workspaces

Creative workspaces can be a bit magical and are designed to ignite innovation and unleash the genius within. These captivating environments cater to both collaborative teams and solitary masterminds, nurturing creativity and stimulating the imagination.

So what is Phase Two Space?

Phase Two Space is a lot of the above. We identify predominantly as a coworking or flex space but have elements of each. Being in Culver City, we embody much of the ethos of a creative or collaborative space for companies in tech, media, and entertainment.  Though not exclusively.  Phase Two is even equipped with a full green screen studio that frequently empowers creators of media and film. Our goal is to help our community of businesses and professionals maximize their growth to the next phase. We pride ourselves on having a pleasant, productive, and comfortable space for our office and coworking members to progress daily toward their goals.

If you are looking for a private office, want to build one of the workspace types above, or join our coworking space as a member, contact us today!

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