Top 5 Best Boutique Coworking & Flex Spaces in Los Angeles

Phase Two Team
December 2, 2022

Best Coworking Spaces in LA. Top 5 of Our Favorite Boutique Coworking & Flex Office Spaces In Los Angeles.

This is a quick overview of 5 boutique coworking spaces around LA - all very different from each other but equally as awesome. As a coworking space in Los Angeles ourselves, we wanted to take a spin on the age old "Top 5 etc." list blog. We're not ranking these spaces any particular order or placing one over the other. We just want to give you our favorites, and maybe something new will pop up on your radar from our list. We are omitting the huge players like Wework, Spaces, Techspace, Regus, and Industrious in our list, hence it being a  "boutique" list.We also recognize that It would be weird to only list our own business for every "top coworking space" in the immediate area, just for views and SEO. *Cough Cough* We see you 'big coworking guys'... And of course we're definitely a bit preferential to our own space. In fact, we LOVE our space and community. A ton! But we know it's not fair to say we are #1 in our own blog. So here it is, we are at #2 instead. Hopefully you enjoy, and this is informative in your search for space!

Our Top 5 Favorite Boutique Coworking Spaces:

1. Procolo

Procolo is a long standing space in Culver City and friend/mentor of Phase Two Space. They have a great coworking space and completely separated private office suites. So if privacy is a big factor for you, Procolo might be a good fit.  The solitude here will make you feel like your own person and not just another faceless worker in an office building or coffee shop, which can be difficult at times with how busy everything has become these days!

8611 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, USA /

2. Phase Two Space

Phase Two Space offers flexible terms and rates for everyone from individuals to teams up to 200+ people, with no lengthy leases or paying for space you don’t use. It is a tech focused creative optimized so that your team can be productive and inspired in this environment day-to-day! On site facilities include a green screen studio; high speed internet access via fiber optic cables which provide lightning quick speeds; conference rooms perfect when collaborating over video chat software like Skype while working on projects together--all provided right here at Phase 2.

5877 Obama Boulevard /

3. CTRL Collective

Control collective is a workspace that focuses on the quality of its community and has an excellent location near some major media/tech Fortune 500 companies. Being in this mix means you may rub shoulders with other professionals from various backgrounds, such as software development or video production etc.. The additional facilities at control will make your work journey worth remembering while there are plenty opportunities for growth through networking here too!

12575, Beatrice Street, Playa Vista, LA /

4. Second Home

Second Home is a place where you can work in pristine gardens surrounded by fresh air, natural light and over 6500 plants. It's said to have an eco-urban feel that will impress even the most discerning remote worker!

1370 North St Andrews Place, Hollywood /

5. NeueHouse

The new workspace, which has a few locations in LA already and will be opening one this fall on the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk is really interesting. The interior design screams "SoHo House meets workstations" with its creative vibe that's very chic yet club oriented - We can't wait to see what they do next!

Honorable Mentions

BlackBird Collective -
YOUBE (Closed) -
Sandhouse LA (Joined BLANKSPACES) -

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