What is a Dedicated Desk at a Coworking Space?

Phase Two Team
January 19, 2023

Coworking Spaces and Dedicated Desks

The concept of coworking is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people look to ditch the traditional office environment and work remotely. But have you ever heard of a dedicated desk? This article will delve into what a dedicated desk is, why it may be beneficial for you, and how to take advantage of this option.

A dedicated desk is like the direct intersection between free-roam hot desks and a private office. You get a home base that's yours while cost sharing with other members, making dedicated desks more private than a hot desk and more affordable than a private personal office.
A dedicated desk in a four person shared office at Phase Two Space.

What is a Dedicated Desk?

A dedicated desk is essentially your own physical space within a coworking space. Depending on the coworking space, this can be an individual desk in an open-plan area or even your own private office. It’s like having your own personal workspace within a shared community!

The benefits of having a dedicated desk are numerous. First, you don’t have to worry about finding an available spot at the start of each day; having access to your own designated spot means that you can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any fighting for the best seat in the house! Additionally, with access to all of the amenities offered by many coworking spaces (e.g., coffee, snacks, meeting rooms), you can make sure that everything you need is just steps away from your dedicated desk. Finally, having access to a dedicated desk also gives you greater control over your environment; if you prefer complete silence while working or need access to certain tools, then having a dedicated space allows you to customize it exactly how you want it - no compromises!

Another benefit of having a dedicated desk is that it allows you to build relationships with other coworkers in the space who also have their own desks nearby. This enables stronger connections and collaboration between individuals who may otherwise never have met due to their different schedules or roles within their respective companies. Having these relationships not only makes work life more enjoyable but also helps create opportunities for learning from others in the same field as well as potential professional growth opportunities.


In conclusion, using a dedicated desk at a coworking space has many advantages over traditional office environments. These include increased convenience and privacy through having access to one's own physical workspace plus easy access to amenities; increased control over one's environment; and greater opportunities for collaboration with other coworkers in the same field or company. Whether you are looking for an alternative solution than working from home or simply wanting more flexibility with where and when you work, consider investing in a dedicated desk at your local coworking space, like ours, today!

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