Hot Desks

Let us grow with you, at your own pace! Hot desks memberships offer great amenities and spaces to work in for remote workers and hybrid team members.

Our hot desk membership offers an introduction to the Phase Two experience.  Simply choose any open seat in one of the many coworking areas, connect to our high-speed WiFi, and begin your workday.  Get access to all of the amenities that Phase Two has to offer.

Hot desk memberships come with all the communal coworking amenities in a shared work environment.

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Open Coworking Desking
  • Optional Storage Lockers
  • Dog Friendly
  • Showers & Bike Racks
  • Self-Serve Coffee & Marketplace

Hot Desks are the most accessible, social, and hybrid work experience available.

With hot desking, you're not tied down to the house or a stuffy cubical office. If you want to work from home one day or at Phase Two the next, you can do so without having to worry about finding a permanent office lease.

Below are a few of the coworking spaces accessible to Hot Desk Members at Phase Two.

What is a Hot Desk?

Our hot desk membership is the ultimate flexible monthly membership. Simply choose any open seat in one of the coworking areas and begin your productive workday.

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