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Flexible offices are becoming very popular among writer's rooms and entertainment professionals everywhere - they're great places to get together, share ideas, and work collaboratively in a professional, yet relaxed environment.

7 creative people of diverse backgrounds representing entertainment, tech, and media professionals at Phase Two Space in front of 2 blue doors.
Phase Two custom Icon depicting a house, a gear, and an office representing a hybrid remote work strategy.

Adopt hybrid

Phase Two is the perfect place to implement your hybrid work strategy for your writer's room. Allow your team the flexibility to choose to work in solo, collaborative, and coworking offices at Phase Two or remotely from home at will.

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Whether you manage a small or large writing team, having access to resources like private offices, group tables, open desks and other amenities will greatly benefit your team's productivity and motivation.

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Need to hire on a bigger team after the first season? Scale your writer's room footprint up or down according to the size of your team needs at any time. Membership plans instead of a traditional lease means maximum flexibility.

Office for a entertainment, tv, and media writer's room in Culver city California.

Turn-key large private offices and affordable flex offices ready for your writers to thrive in.

Scale, work and play on how you want to with collaborative and private office space solutions crafted to meet your needs. Elevate any writing room experience and adjust to your team's needs!

Take a TOuR

Collaborate more effectively and enjoy team cohesion at the water cooler.

Everyone works better and more collaboratively when they feel comfortable with their surroundings. With premium amenities and a full sized kitchen, what more could you want?

Infographic of Phase Two enterprise management model vs. a traditional lease.

Build team cohesion and loyalty with added remote work options.

Give your employees the freedom to tailor their Phase Two membership programs to best fit the needs of their lifestyle. Show appreciation for hard work and dedication with remote and hybrid work opportunities.

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