Dan Pastewka

After five wonderful years in operation, we have witnessed firsthand the key elements that help enrich businesses: people. Our community at Phase Two has become a highly curated network of brilliant minds, cutting-edge technologists, and story tellers. We are always looking for like-minded individuals who need space to thrive. I am happy to personally take you on a tour of the space and extend you a free trial day!

Here's my story

As entrepreneurs and creatives, we strive daily to bring our ideas to life. We hope to some degree that the proverbial 'if you build it, they will come' is more than just a movie quote, but a statement about what's possible. That leap-of-faith moment for me came in the form of Phase Two: a place to help people bring those ideas and dreams to fruition. We started with the idea of building a space for creatives, entrepreneurs, and established businesses to grow - and thought long and hard about how best to help them achieve their goals. Our family's background in real estate, investment, technology and entertainment all came together in what I like to think is a place where talented individuals learn, collaborate and bring their visions to reality.